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Following is a listing of the add-on module names and descriptions available.

The modules with an ( * ) are the ones I reccomend you download.  It is truly worth the time and effort to have a complete progam to aid in your Bible study.

The modules with (**) are the most valuable for your study.

asv.bbl 1901 American Standard Version*
bbe.bbl 1965 Bible in Basic English**
cev.bbl 1995 Contemporary English Version**
cuv.bbl 1919 Chinese Union Version
darby.bbl 1889 Darby Bible*
drb.bbl 1899 Douay-Rheims Bible*
fls.bbl 1910 French Louis Segond Version
glb.bbl 1912 German Luther Bible
gnb.bbl 1992 Good News Bible*
gnt.bbl Greek New Testament w/ variants*
hot.bbl Hebrew Old Testament*
isv.bbl 2001 International Standard Version (N. T. only)**
kjv.bbl King James Version**
kjv+.bbl King James Version w/ Strongs Numbers*
litv.bbl 2000 Literal Translation of the Holy Bible**
mkjv.bbl 1998 Modern King James Version**
pjfa.bbl Portuguese João Ferreira de Almeida Atualizada
rst.bbl 1876 Russian Synodal Text
scrivener.bbl 1894 Scrivener Textus Receptus
srv.bbl 1909 Spanish Reina-Valera
sse.bbl 1999 Spanish Sagradas Escrituras
rst.bbl 1876 Russian Synodal Text
web.bbl The World English Bible**
webster.bbl 1833 Webster Bible*
wnt.bbl 1912 Weymouth New Testament*
ylt.bbl 1898 Young's Literal Translation**

jfb.cmt Jamieson, Fausset and Brown Commentary**
mhc.cmt Matthew Henry's Commentary*
rwp.cmt Robertson's Word Pictures in the New Testament*
tsk.cmt Treasury of Scriptural Knowledge**
wesley.cmt      John Wesley's Explanatory Notes*

easton.dct      Easton's 1897 Bible Dictionary*
hitchcock.dct   Hitchcock's Bible Names*
isbe.dct        International Standard Bible Encyclopedia**
nave.dct        Nave's Topical Bible**
ntgreek.dct     New Testament Greek Concordance**
strong.dct      Strong's Bible Dictionary**
torrey.dct      R. A. Torrey's New Topical Textbook*
webster-??.dct  Noah Webster's Dictionary of American English**

doré.map        Gustave Doré New Testament Woodcuts      Rev. Clarence Larkin's Book of Charts*    Son Light Bible Atlas**

2000+ Bible*
Antiquities of the*
Daily Light on the Daily
Fox’s Book of**
In His
Jesus From Seven
Morning &
Sketches of Church
The Imitation of
The Pursuit of
The Training Of The

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