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My hearing experience:

I am not an audiologist. I am seventy three years old and I have had a hearing loss in both ears for half my lifetime. I have worn, or experimented with at least 40 different models of one make or another, and consider myself knowledgeable as to what is a good hearing device and what is not. Most of those hearing aids cost an astronomical amount of money for what you get which is usually about seven times more $ than mine. Ask around and compare.

My goal is to provide to you a premium quality hearing device with the latest features found in any hearing aids that have blue tooth technology, will give you a real time hearing test for setup, and speak 4 languages (En, Fr, Sp, Hindi).

It is not necessary, but if you happen to have a smartphone they actually give you a proper hearing test. First you turn on your phone, tablet, Bluetooth, then turn on your hearing devce.  It will say in English “Power on, Connected” Next you listen to the tones and simply reply by tapping “I heard a tone” until it completes the hearing test. It takes about 1 1/2 minutes for one ear, and about 3 minutes for both ears.

The recharge lasts eighteen hours unless you are using a lot of Bluetooth phone calling, and about 15 to 16 hours using a normal amount of Bluetooth calling, or listening to your iTunes or Pandora. The USB charger is the same as an Android phone or Tablet. That means you can charge it in your car or anywhere if needed.

I think the only way you are going to believe the performance of this state-of-the-art device is to buy it and try it.